Message to our ‘Bron community’

Dear Bron customers, jewelers, suppliers, and other ‘friends of the brand’,

First and foremost, we hope you are safe and well. In a crisis without precedent, we are deeply concerned for our relatives, colleagues, associates and friends. In these dreadful circumstances, we fully understand that people have other concerns than finding the perfect piece of jewelry. At the same time, Bron products represent beauty, love, and togetherness – many of the things that make life so wonderful. It is with these emotions that we hope to offset the endless stream of disturbing news we are jointly facing today. While carefully monitoring Corona developments, our team is determined not to let go. On the contrary: we are determined to do whatever it takes in continuing to support you all.

The next weeks and months will be challenging, not least in terms of communication. Therefore, via website and social media, we are opening “virtual doors” to our office in Schoonhoven. We invite you in and to see how we navigate Corona waters - steering our ship, slowly but surely, into a safe haven. 

Our business environment is changing every day. Improvisation is the only appropriate response. Fortunately, we built our business on a spirit of creativity, flexibility, and teamwork. Going forward, we will need it more than ever and are determined to put this spirit to work for us all. 

Take good care!

Warm wishes from your Bron-team


Our team 

Like every company these days, we aim to strike a good balance between the health and safety of our team members and the continuity of our business. Of course, we have taken extra sanitary measures, and we wash our hands like never before. Colleagues with minor health issues are requested to stay home. We also developed a specific work schedule for a small core team in the office. All other team members work from home or remote locations to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus.

The resilience and commitment in the Bron team is heartwarming to see. To ensure production continues, Rik and Arman, our gemstone setters, come to the office twice a week. They pick up new assignments and deliver finished pieces. In this way, they help to ensure timely delivery to customers. Also, our financial controller spontaneously offered to drive to our gold supplier in Southern Germany, thereby securing an adequate supply of raw materials. Tasks are taken over swiftly within our team. New solutions are constantly found, and our sense of togetherness is overwhelming.


Our suppliers

 Since the very beginning, Bron has chosen to produce locally in the Netherlands. In addition, all our customers are in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and thus within driving distance. Quite deliberately, we are not a ‘global company’.

That said, we do make use of international suppliers. Many high-quality components are sourced from Germany and Italy. Unfortunately, the Corona virus hit Italy especially hard. Our dear friend, Marcogino from Arezzo, kept his doors open as long as possible, yet last week he had no choice but to temporarily close his company for health and safety reasons. From Schoonhoven, we try to stay in touch with Marco and to offer encouragement to his team. We pay their invoices as quickly as possible, and confirm that all our pending orders will be confirmed as soon they re-open. Hope is everything…

Our jewellers

Even if sales are in rapid decline, our contact with customers has never been better. Information is exchanged, ideas are shared, and plans for brighter times are being constantly made. Customers are served remotely, if they so wish, and no effort from our side is spared. Our Utrecht-based jeweler is particularly optimistic: if people no longer travel and restaurants are closed, all the better reason to visit their store! Each and every visitor is greeted like royalty. 

Similarly, the Bron Boutique in Het Arsenaal remains open in accordance with official guidelines. Day in, day out, our dedicated team decorates vitrines with our new collections, Coco and Rio. Event if only a handful visitors comes by to enjoy them. Downtime is used productively - to develop new packaging for sustainable sapphires from Madagascar, for example. Finally, via social media, we keep our jewelers and customers abreast of all novelties and color themes created to mark our anniversary year.

Our customers

Fundamentally, we may not need jewelry. It is, by definition, a “luxury product.” Yet jewels can bring that touch of color and joy so desperately needed in difficult times. In a world shaped only by disturbing news, we crave for inspiration and a sense of meaning. A small example: this week, in the Bron Boutique, a loving mum selected a lovely pinky ring for her daughter’s 21stbirthday. Now that our routines are completely broken, we are much more aware how important special moments truly are. 

For as long as we have no instructions to pack up and go home, we are determined to stay on board. We continue to design, produce, and deliver our jewels, hoping to shine some light in these dark days. In addition, we share our hopeful stories on digital channels – one small way to keep you smiling!