Spinel is gifted with a generous natural beauty and bright tones of blue and red. Heleen Bron says: “With spinel, we are always in search for exceptional colors that are not standard. Their hues are not easily described, just like the ‘Bron woman’. She, like the stone is not a certain ‘type’.” Therefore, a spinel jewel is perfect to capture our customer’s individual desires. In our collection, they are always declared as ‘special stones’, as the quality we prefer is rarely available. Interestingly, several of the most spectacular spinels ever discovered have been mounted in British ‘crown jewels’. Moreover, due to its high hardness factor, spinel is a very sustainable and versatile gemstone. 

Colors: red, pink, violet, blue-green and grey

Where to be found: Myanmar, Madagascar, Tanzania and Sri Lanka

Mohs hardness: 8

The Mohs hardness scale

The Mohs hardness scale describes a scale from 1 to 10, which indicates the relative hardness of a mineral. Diamond is the hardest substance in the world and is therefore rated with the highest hardness grade of 10. To further illustrate the Moh's hardness it helps to imagine that a moonstone
(hardness 6) is about as hard as the blade of a kitchen knife. A fingernail would only measure a grade of 2-2.5 on the scale.

At Bron, the hardness plays a minor role. Our overriding selection criteria are color and the ‘liveliness’ of a gemstone.