Amethyst is not only an all-time favorite of many women but is also worshipped for its intense violet color. Due to the colors’ rarity in nature, it’s considered delicate and precious, just like: lavender, orchid, lilac and violet flowers. It reminds our colleague Mathina of her favorite place in France: La Provence. I love strolling through the lavender fields and watching magical sunsets in the countryside.” At times, the gemstone was even more popular than diamonds. It’s said to purify the soul of sins and to stimulate intellectuality.

Colors: light to dark violet

Where to dig for it: Brazil, Uruguay and Zambia

Mohs hardness: 7


The Mohs hardness scale

The Mohs hardness scale describes a scale from 1 to 10, which indicates the relative hardness of a mineral. Diamond is the hardest substance in the world and is therefore rated with the highest hardness grade of 10. To further illustrate the Moh's hardness it helps to imagine that a moonstone
(hardness 6) is about as hard as the blade of a kitchen knife. A fingernail would only measure a grade of 2-2.5 on the scale.

At Bron, the hardness plays a minor role. Our overriding selection criteria are color and the ‘liveliness’ of a gemstone.