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Spring / Summer 2018 Top Stories

Oriënt Express

Welcome aboard the Orient Express! With this nostalgic luxury train,we step back in time to the Roaring Twenties of the last century. Accompanied by heads of state, diplomats, and spies, we travel from cosmopolitan London and elegant Paris and bohemian Vienna to our destination Constantinople, the spellbinding capital of the Ottoman empire.  Dress code is fin-de-siècle: edgy malachite and black onyx illuminated by vibrant red hessonite and tourmaline.


The rugged Scottish Highlands are synonymous to rain and fog. To stay warm and dry, we cherish the comfort of lambswool and woven tweed. These fabrics embody the character and contrasting colors of the Scottish clans:  fiery red rhodochrosite next to cool moonstone, lovely pink zircon flanked by misty labradorite, and a subtle silver-grey pearl necklace spiced up by red tourmaline.


Under water, everything is different. Sounds, shapes, and colors are tempered and toned down. At greater depths, bright colors fade away and only blue and green remain visible. The new Atlantis collection descends to the submerged city and brings precious deep-sea treasures to the surface. Naturally, aquamarine, London Blue topaz, and Tahiti pearls.  But also bi-color tanzanite, seaweed-green tourmaline, and navy-blue labradorite.


Classico is our interpretation of a classic bracelet. The steady rhythm of the golden chains are playfully alternated by elegant settings of tourmaline in magical colors.


Apparently without resistance, “Meteo” floats through the universe. After a heavenly journey, this sturdy jewel seeks a comfortable landing on earth. Shooting stars bring good luck!


A smaller version of something familiar is often endearing. This certainly applies to the mini version of our beloved Sprite, Stardust and Sushi. On their own they are little and brave; but together the Mini's are unbeatable.