New in the collection

Fata Morgana Spring / Summer 2019 Top Stories

Introducing two heart-warming color themes and a number of new models.

Honey Desert

The desert is beautiful as well as barren. These contrasts are reflected in the colors of our Honey Desert collection. Bask in the early morning sunlight and watch the desert turn into a warm glowing yellow. Need to cool down? Move into the brown, grey and black zones and find some relief in the shadow.

Dreamy Oasis

After a demanding desert safari, you will be thrilled to discover our Dreamy Oasis. The fresh blues and palmy greens will re-energize you quickly. Finishing touch in this collection are the fairytale sunset colors.

Sushi Sahara

This is not a Fata Morgana but a new Bron classic that will steal not only your hand but your heart as well. The Sushi Sahara has taken design cues from Solar and Ajour but firmly sits in the Sushi family. Choose from an oasis of color options.


Desert nights don't suffer from urban light pollution and are still pitch-dark. Our new pendant Aladin looks like a lovely latern shining a little in the dark desert night.

Confetti Karawan

'Karawans' of camels cross the desert using ancient travel routes. Similarly, our cute rose-cut sapphires or diamonds like to stick together on our new Confetti Karawan.


Hidden in de backstreets of Marrakech, you find yourself in a dreamy Riad. Through the transculent MiraMira window made of sapphire and lemon quartz, you take a peek outside at the hustle and bustle of the medina street market. Jalla jalla!