Phlox earrings - 8OW4800IOBR

Phlox earring drops with Iolite and white diamond  
Faceted gemstones surrounded by four sparkly white diamonds on hoops which are sold separately. 


18kt rose, yellow, or white gold

Many options. Citrine, topaz, rhodolite, tourmaline, etc.

Gemstone 5mm

Price indication 
Drops from €1.400,- (as shown €1.650,-; hoops sold separately € 675,-)

Gold – weighty, yet soft

Gold is a precious metal, and rightly so. Twenty times heavier than water it feels robust, soft and warm at once. Its lustre and timeless beauty make gold the ultimate material for jewelry.

Our pieces are crafted from 18 karat gold – the international standard. All models are available in white, yellow and rose gold. These alloys were made to our specifications, exclusively for Bron.

Coloured gemstones – the core of our collection

Gemstones form the core of the Bron collection. Our team of buyers travels the world in search of new finds. One by one, all gemstones are hand-picked and carefully inspected. Apart from colour and quality, liveliness and personality are characteristics we value highly.

During their quest, our experts regularly run into extraordinary and unique specimen. Sometimes these “sweets” form the inspiration for a brand new design.

Service – we can’t help ourselves

Providing excellent service is in our DNA. We cannot help but be proud of our quality and service. All of our retailers value it as well. We are happy to refer you to a Bron dealer near you.

Do you have a question? Our customer service team in Schoonhoven is ready to give you expert advice by phone or email. Emails are answered within two working days.